Reshape Your Ahold.com

The Challenge

Ahold’s strategy is to reshape retail, which clearly shows their commitment to innovation. Although Ahold’s previous corporate website was ahead of its time in 2008, by 2011 it had grown outdated, lacking interactivity and dynamism. Ahold asked LBi to develop a new corporate website: a website that is cutting edge, innovative and smart, like Ahold and its brands. LBi was tasked with creating a website that would serve its visitors in an efficient and dynamic way. To accomplish this, we set out to create an online environment that would set a new standard for corporate websites.

Our Solution

User research provided us with important insight: all the website’s various target audiences wanted to be able to access and process the right information at the touch of a button. Whether the visitor is a financial analyst, NGO or journalist, the website delivers information tailored specifically to each group.
On the renewed Ahold.com, all content is efficiently accessible through traditional navigation, but the distinctive feature is that users now have the ability to customize the information they receive when they first enter the site. Visitors can personalize their homepage through intuitive functionalities such as browse, drag & drop, zoom and share, thereby turning it into their own “Ahold dashboard.” And there’s more to come: future releases will bring even more distinctive features to Ahold.com

The Results

After go-live, the influx of new visitors rose by 71%. The positive buzz on social media shows people instantly understand the innovative functionality and visitors are really engaging with the website: 80% more time is spent on Ahold.com now than previously. The renewed Ahold.com has raised the bar for corporate websites and is a practical fulfillment of Ahold’s strategy: Reshaping Retail.

“In our stores, we always try to give customers a shopping experience that is as convenient as possible. Now, we have a website that offers the same kind of easy and accessible environment.”

Sabrina Deij, Brand Manager Ahold

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