Audi Q3 Twittertour for Early Birds

The Challenge

In the summer of 2011 Audi introduced the highly anticipated Audi Q3, a new car in a new market segment. To ensure a successful introduction Audi asked LBi to develop a launch-campaign. But how to build a hype when the pictures of a new car are all over social media, even before the official pictures are released?

Since the Audi Q3 claims its “built from new expectations” this campaign should embrace the power of social media, for a very personal introduction of the latest Audi model.

Our Solution

We turned the world upside down.

Instead of trying to keep unofficial pre-release pictures out of social media, we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to experience the actual car even before the official pictures were released. To accomplish this we launched the Audi Q3 Twittertour for Earlybirds, the world’s first 100% on-demand car delivery via Twitter.

With one simple tweet you could ‘order’ the Audi Q3. Our custom-built mobile showroom would deliver the car on your doorstep.

We launched the campaign guerilla-style by parking the mobile showroom at the entrance one of Europe’s biggest automotive fairs, AutoRAI Amsterdam. In the next ten days we crossed all corners of The Netherlands with the mobile showroom and introduced tens of lucky fans and potential buyers to the new Audi Q3.

The Results

The reactions of over 1.000 loyal followers on Twitter were extremely enthusiastic. The personal approach (no automated tweets!) as well as the unique character of the campaign generated lots of publicity for the new Audi Q3 and increased sympathy for the Audi brand.

  • Gross reach: 800.000+ people (and 100.000+ Twitter users)
  • Gross reach real life: 150.000 people
  • 50% potential leads, 35% fans, 15% marketing pro’s
  • Extensive PR (radio, online, print, newspapers)
  • Media value of € 450.000 euros (with media budget of € 22.500)
  • Interest from Audi AG to adopt tactics/approach in other markets


“With the Twittertour we found a way to make social media work for us. Its innovative character is a direct fulfillment of our brandpromise: ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.”

The link!/audiq3ontour