PwC Raad de Relatie

The Challenge

PwC is one of the ‘Big 4’ in accountancy, tax and financial consulting. PwC is convinced the success of good cooperation is based on a deep relationship. To raise brand awareness and show employees and clients their innovative approach PwC asked LBi to develop a social media experience with LinkedIn to engage their clients. How could we use our LinkedIn network in the Netherlands to show the value of maintaining your network?

Our Solution

Most professionals have a large network on LinkedIn, but they are often unaware of the hidden value of this network. That’s why we created the LinkedIn-game ‘Raad de Relatie’, a quiz that helps you discover the traits and specialties of your LinkedIn connections. After logging in to ‘Raad de Relatie’ with your LinkedIn-account, you will be presented with members from your network. Now it’s up to you to identify them, based on specific information from their LinkedIn profile. Rediscovering your network this way is not only fun, but it also helps you to get the most out of your network. How well do you know your connections?

The Results

PwC is the first brand that uses LinkedIn data in a relevant and fun way.
Not only did this campaign show PwC NL employees the possibilities of using LinkedIn for networking purposes, but it also resulted in more than 13.000 visitors enjoying this informative 00game. The game was so ‘addictive’, that they played it an average of 3 times. The brand exposure and viral effect created a huge response: 845.000 impressions via LinkedIn updates and 455.000 reached followers via twitter updates.

The Results

It was a really unique way of spreading awareness around our brand and at the same time showing that we are an innovative company. We proved to our clients that we think relationships are important. Also it helped our internal organization learn more about the importance of a network like LinkedIn and how these new networks can help us businesswise in deepening our relationships. And last but not least, it was fun to create such a new way of campaigning.

Jacqueline Marell – Digital Marketing Manager, PwC Nederland

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