Anne's Amsterdam

Collect stories from the city

The Challenge

The Anne Frank House is one of Amsterdam’s most visited museums. The building where Anne Frank was in hiding symbolizes the history of both the persecution of the Jews and the Second World War.

But how the war actually affected Amsterdam is known to only a few people. How could we create an effective way of giving Amsterdammers and visitors to the city a clear picture of its wartime history?

Our Solution

History can be experienced more intensely by seeing where it actually happened. The mobile application ‘Anne’s Amsterdam’ was developed as an innovative way of discovering what happened to Anne Frank and other Amsterdammers. You can collect and view information, photos and videos about events and personal stories at thirty different locations in the city. You will need to visit these locations in person to pick the items up. These are given in more depth on the accompanying website which is in the form of a visual timeline and shows the city before, during and after the occupation and places it in a broader historical perspective. In order to reach a wider audience the app is available in Dutch, English and German and for iOS, Android and WP7.

The Results

The app was launched with much local and national publicity in May, the month the Dutch commemorate Second World War victims and celebrate their liberation. The 6 months target of 12,000 downloads was achieved within 7 days. By end June 22,547 apps were downloaded by users from 84 different countries. 69% collected more than one item and 43% collected more than 5 items from the actual sites. Website visitors increased by 70.7%. Since then an average of 633 apps per week have been downloaded and this increases daily because Anne’s Amsterdam App is offered to all Anne Frank House visitors.

The Anne Frank House, Repudo and LBi combined their historical, technological and creative forces in the joint development of the App.


Fantastic App. I’m looking forward to returning to Amsterdam soon so I can visit all these special places.

Don Law – Adelaide, Australia


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The Link

Download the app for smart phones with iOS, Android and WP7.

Visit the website Anne Frank’s Amsterdam.