The Voice Kids Game

The Challenge

The Voice of Holland is the record breaking TV show on RTL4 in the Netherlands and abroad. The Voice is regarded as a leading example of how to leverage the interaction between digital media and television.
At the beginning of 2012 The Voice Kids was launched, challenging young singing talent in the age of 6 to 14, who compete to be awarded a coveted record deal. To remain a frontrunner in innovative television The Voice Kids aimed to further enrich the viewing experience in a game changing way that would revive the joint family experience and increase the loyalty of the viewers.

Our Solution

Do you remember those precious moments playing Monopoly, Goosecraft or Pictionary all together at the dining table? That’s why we created The Voice Kids Game. We partnered with Microsoft and Nokia to develop this unique family game, combining a physical gameboard with a smartphone application to play whilst watching the TV show. The smartphone is your personal ‘quizmaster’, serving questions related to the show in real-time. The board game serves as a gathering spot around which the family resides. Correct answer? Then you can move one step forward on the board.

The Results

With The Voice Kids Game we turned watching a TV show into a social family event, playing the game till the last second of the show.
This innovative concept has proven to be a hit, with over 80.000 downloads, 60.000 active players each week, most of them returning players.
The Voice Kids is not only loved by its players. Because of the integrated approach it has opened up new business opportunities for RTL4, enabling commercial partnerships with famous brands such as Microsoft and Nokia.


@stannn: That voice kids app is so funny .. All kinds of questions about the show that really make you think .. DAMN I havn’t been paying attentionn xd

@Tresja: Watching the voice kids while playing the game and I’m winning :P

@romyyy: Playing the voice kids game with my lil’ family

@daniellew: About to play the voice kids game with my father! Hahahaha I’m going to win or I won’t like it! :p

The link

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