Branded shopping experience


The Challenge

O’Neill asked DigitasLBi to rejuvenate the brand and connect O'Neill with a younger, progressive consumer. Furthermore, to find the right balance between lifestyle and performance on all levels of the collection; increase online sales; enhance the cool factor through gripping storytelling and focus on the rich brand heritage.

Our Solution

We created a new global site that sheds the traditional segregation of branding and e-commerce. It’s a platform where inspiration and sales flow together effortlessly and where visitors find everything they need where they expect to find it.

On all pages of the site three elements are always present: brand engagement, product discovery and product buying. The smooth navigation and elegant, nimble design combined with consistent typography and high quality photography, makes it a place for both slow and fast shoppers. urges the audience to ‘Ride More’: to surf or board. And seeing this crowd is always out and about – looking for that perfect wave or the sickest ramp –the site is designed to work beautifully on smartphones and tablets. Through the presence of riders of Team O’Neill, the experience is tangible, inspiring, fun and accessible wherever, whenever.

What’s more, encourages visitors to make the most of the world of Snow & Surf through smart and surprising content delivery. Clothing and other products worn in featured films on the site can be added to the shopping cart with the click of a button. The social feed via Instagram and Twitter, plus the possibility to comment on products and share purchases through Facebook, ads a real interactive component to the mix.

All of this results in an integrated online shopping experience with connections to everything O’Neill does. From events, to coverage of brand ambassadors and from video content to blog posts. Anything goes.

The Results was launched globally March 2014, with localized versions for Germany, France and The Netherlands. It generated a huge amount of traffic, to say the least. In the first month the site saw 22.9% more return visitors and the order value per visitor increased by 32.9%. Conversion rate went through the roof and improved by a whopping 83%. Besides displaying deeply satisfying numbers, it proved to be the highly anticipated re-launch of O’Neill. A refreshing kick start, but still in line with the history and credentials that made the brand famous the world over. In the foreseeable future the site will be continue to evolve, with personalisation, adaptive knowledge of users and much more lined up.


The new website is a real game changer. It shows that we as a brand with a rich heritage are committed to stay connected to the young, progressive consumer. For us digital is the most important platform to interact with our audience. The thourough and deep online knowledge of DigitasLBi makes them the ideal agency to work with.

Roger Nefkens, Global Coordinator O’Neill

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