The solution of The Netherlands


The Challenge

In The Netherlands insurance companies are seen as closed-minded giants that merely focus on selling. One leading company, though believes insurance should be done differently. For more than 15 years Interpolis has been tearing down walls and ignoring conventions. And now the company feels it is time to completely reinvent the insurance market. Sometimes insuring is the way to go, while in other situations prevention might be more useful and Interpolis feels it’s an important conversation piece. But research shows people rather listen to family, friends and neighbors, instead of an insurance company. So the biggest challenge was how an insurance brand could interest people to start an ongoing dialogue about insurance and risk management.

Our Solution

We created an ambitious digital platform: The Solution of The Netherlands. A platform for co-creating new forms of insurance and ideas how to minimize damage and risks. Here the practical knowledge of the general population is combined with the expertise of Interpolis. The first subject discussed was home insurance. Everyone – from firefighters to neighbors and whole families – was invited to submit their solutions for risks like burglary, fire, water damage and other issues. And to vote for their favorite solutions. The winner would receive €5.000 starting capital awarded by a professional jury. Cherry on top: Interpolis promised that the best solutions would be taken into production. It was a no-bars-hold-anything-goes exercise: serious and tongue-in-cheek, practical and way out there.

Integrated campaign

To activate the platform we developed an integrated campaign. Influential bloggers were asked to participate and we released a video showcasing the possible impact of The Solution of The Netherlands. The already submitted solutions were used in different media such as TV- and radio adds plus online banners.

The Results

Interpolis took the first step in facilitating Dutch consumers to actively influence Interpolis' business model and it proved a giant leap in its transformation into a true social business for the coming decades. This unique initiative is a real achievement in the overly saturated, sales-driven and low interest insurance market. 2.300 submitted solutions proved it was possible to get people involved with what most would regard as a dull subject.

Winner of the €5.000 was Patrick van Burgel, who came up with a simple but highly effective window guard to prevent burglary and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice ordered 5.000(!) of them. Furthermore, the device is currently being developed and already received the prestigious SKG-certificate for quality and safety.

The introduction of this platform generated loads of press and free publicity, and Interpolis’ brand preference, customer satisfaction and purchase intent increased significantly. It even changed the day-to-day operational workflow for the company, making it the first truly open source insurance brand in the country.

The Solution of The Netherlands is currently searching for remarkable solutions regarding healthcare that will change the way we insure again. Once more Interpolis succeed to shun tradition with a groundbreaking initiative and setting a new standard for how insurance should work.


All companies should involve people to come up with solutions like this. My compliments to Interpolis for this inititative.

Ivo Opstelten – Dutch Minister of Security and Justice

Nicely done by Interpolis, they really seem to understand it. The minimalistic designed site provides simple solutions and tips.

Fontanel – Weblog exploring Dutch creative culture

Great initiative for an insurance company. The site looks amazing and the solutions are very funny to read.

Dutchcowboys – Dutch weblog about the web

Facts and figures

120.000 unique visitors
245.000 views of the video content.
€125.000 worth of media value
3.5 minutes average time spent on site

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